From tourist-packed sites to the nooks and crannies where few footsteps have trodden, wander with me through my travels, experiences and lessons learned abroad.


Lets wander


Take a photographic journey that will show you a different look at the people and places I have visited.

Not one people or place is the same, and remember that everyone you meet knows something you don't.

Let's wander

Published Articles

From daily life in China as an expat and relationship problems to in-depth explorations of people and lives abroad, this compilation of published works has something everyone could relate to.

Let's wander

Determined to diverge

My love for writing started at a young age, but it went full swing when I volunteered for a local magazine in my hometown covering local music and venues.

As I got older, I decided the world was just too big a place to find myself sitting in one town for my whole life, so at 30 years old, I packed up and moved to China.

I gained a job at one of China's top news agency and finally, my career took off. Since living in China, I have written and been published over 100 times.

I have a passion for travel and helping people understand more about other places, people and things.

This is a passion project that I hope will help expats realize they are not alone in their thoughts and feeling, travelers realize it's ok to step out of their comfort zones and voyeurs to have a peek into what lies outside the comfort and familiarity of their home countries.



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If you are in need of an experienced content creator, editor or have any questions about travel or expat life, please feel free to reach out to me.